Zorgon Azodan

Drow Warlock


STR 12 +2
DEX 17 +3
CON 14 +2
INT 13 +1
WIS 11 +0
CHA 18 +4

PB +2
AC 14
Initiative +3
Speed 30
HP 10
HD 1d8

Stealth +5
Arcana +3
Perception +2
Deception +6
Intimidation +6
Passive Wisdom +12
DC 14

Weapons (Attack)
Quarter Staff 1d6
Dagger 1d4
Light X-Bow 1d8

Short Sword
Hand Crossbow
Light Armor
Simple Weapons

Common, Elvish

Features & Traits
Criminal Contact
Superior Dark vision (120ft)
Sunlight Sensitivity (Disadvantage in direct sunlight)
Drow Magic
Fey Ancestry
Keen Scenes
Otherwordly Patron (Fiend)
Pact Magic

Thieves’ tools, Crowbar, Dark Common Clothes w/hood, Belt Pouch, Arcane Focus, 2 Daggers, Quarter Staff, Leather Armor, Light X-Bow, 20 Bolts
Gaming Set, Scholar’s Pack


Az is a hired hand for his burglar/spy capabilities “The Spy who Stole”
He is well known for not paying attention to the risk and never looks at the odds.
A calm, collective guy who never raise his voice or let his emotions control him.
He lives a nocturnal life style and believes deeply in freedom but chooses money over friends.
He once lost a close friend due to a mistake he had made and claims it will never happen again.
Az is a follower of Tempus – God of War.

Zorgon Azodan

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